Is there a city at the bottom of Percy Priest?

It sits at the junction of the East and West Stones River. It was a bustling little town founded just 34 years after our country declared independence. Two friends, Robert Weakley and Thomas Bedford, bought the land and divided it into 80 lots.

The little town of Jefferson was born and began growing. It eventually became the county seat and hub of area commerce. It was even considered as a candidate to be the first state capital.  Continue Reading…


Last Saturday we traded a lawn mower for two canoes.

Then we took our maiden voyage :)

It was a quick 1.5 hour trip through the mid-section of Percy Priest. I’ve documented the exact trip plan for you. If you want to spend an hour or two outdoors without a big commitment or prep work, download the trip plan and hop in a canoe.

This particular trip has one really unique place along the way.

Here is a complete rundown:

Total Time: 1.5 hour round trip
Distance Paddle: 1.6 miles
Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Continue Reading…

We had a problem (and when I say “we” I mean me), I really wanted to go explore the lake in our backyard. One issue, we don’t own a boat.

I made it my sole mission this week to sell $500 worth of junk out of our cluttered garage to buy a canoe. So, I looked over our piles of junk and found the lowest hanging fruit, our lawn mower.

Last year we hired a yard guy (best $25 we spend) and haven’t used the lawn mower since.

I whipped up a quick craigslist ad and Friday afternoon it sold for $600. Major score!


The proud new owners of “big blue”

Side note: I was pumped for the kid who bought the lawn mower. He is 10 years old and bought it for his lawn service. Love supporting young hustlers!

Then the craigslist search commenced.

First order of business was tracking this bad boy down:

The Skanoe!

Skanoe Craigslist Ad

After 5 emails, 3 text and a phone call she was mine! I loaded it up and brought her to her new home.

$350 was a great deal considering a new one from Academy cost $600. Ours was a little older and needs a little tweaking to get in prime condition but at $350, it was a steal.

The day was still young and the wallet still fat. I had $250 leftover and I was feeling ambitious.

We want our new found canoeing hobby to be a social thing. Which means we need to be able to take friends with us. So, we had our eye set on greater things….like 2 canoes instead of one.

Lucky for me there was another canoe on craigslist for $225 AND….it was on the way home from buying canoe #1.

20 minutes later, we were the proud new parents of this old ugly thing.

One ugly canoe

The ugly canoe

Quick review:

  • (1) lawn mower has been sold for $600
  • (1) skanoe has been purchased for $350
  • (1) canoe has been purchased for $250
  • $25 ramins

Next stop, paddles.

One trip to Wal-Mart produced two brand new wooden paddles for $24.

This left $1 from our lawn mower sale. And what does any self respecting person do when it’s cheat day and you have a spare buck?

You buy a Dr. Pepper, thats what!

Dr. Pepper thats what

mmmmm mmmmmm

And thats the story of how we traded our lawn mower for two canoes, a couple paddles and a Dr. Pepper.