What is 32islands?

I was having a crisis.

Stacy was 29 and I was 30. It was about time to start having kids. So, I did what any 30 year old dude would do. I started planning a trip around the world.

It evolved from a “let’s go all over europe” trip to a “let’s travel from Alaska to the tip of South America” trip. Then that turned into a “lets go to Costa Rica” trip.

I even made it Instagram official:

Bryans quarter life crisis

My brilliant plan

Then it occurred to me…

Screw Costa Rica, there is a lake 2 miles from our house that we’ve never explored. Lets start there.

So we did.

This blog goes out to everyone that has a gut instinct to travel. To see the world. To explore and experience things you’ve never experienced.

Here is the deal: Start in your own backyard.

Not to get all bibley on you but Luke (the Dr. in the bible) said once:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.”

The principle is this: Start small.

That’s what we are doing.

Why the name 32islands? The lake that is 2 miles from our house is called Percy Priest. It has 32 islands in it. We want to visit all of them. Then we want to see the world. :)

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- Bryan and Stacy

PS: Here is a picture of the lake in our ‘backyard.’

Percy Priest lake

Percy Priest lake