The ‘Fort Cosmo’ Trip: Our maiden voyage and a downloadable trip plan

May 18, 2014


Last Saturday we traded a lawn mower for two canoes.

Then we took our maiden voyage :)

It was a quick 1.5 hour trip through the mid-section of Percy Priest. I’ve documented the exact trip plan for you. If you want to spend an hour or two outdoors without a big commitment or prep work, download the trip plan and hop in a canoe.

This particular trip has one really unique place along the way.

Here is a complete rundown:

Total Time: 1.5 hour round trip
Distance Paddle: 1.6 miles
Difficulty: 2 out of 5

1. Launching Point:  We launched from Hamilton Creek Park at 4:00 pm

Note: The parking lot is approximately 100 yards from the water so be prepared to carry your canoe.

Hamilton Creek

2. The Trip: The first leg of the journey was the crossing of the lake.

This took around 20 minutes and is a fairly easy paddle. Be mindful of the wind and the current on this leg. If the wind was strong you could have a problem trying to go straight across like we did as the wind would want to carry you up stream..


Leg #1 of the Cosmo

This leg takes you across one portion of the lake to a peninsula.

When you are paddling it looks like you are headed off into the wilderness, but there is actually a subdivision about a thousand yards inside the tree line. Once we landed on the point at the end of leg 1 we tied up the canoe and walked around for 15 minutes. That is when we discovered this super cool Tom Sawyer style fort.

We presume that the neighborhood kids put it together.


Fort Cosmo

At first we thought we had stumbled upon a homeless person living in the woods, but after looking a little closer and reading a sign nailed to the tree next to the fort it was obvious that this was an outpost for the neighborhood kids.

Honestly, it was really cool.

Why is it named Fort Cosmo?

Why is it named Fort Cosmo?

When you make this trip definitely stop and see what we’ve called ‘Fort Cosmo’ Leg #2 took us from Fort Cosmo into a small cove. Once tied up we found a few hiking trails that are just inside the tree line.

These go on for miles. You could easily spend several hours exploring around these trails and the tip of the Peninsula.


Leg 2

Wrap it up

This is a great little short trip. 

It could easily be done after work or even in the morning as the sun rises. I would recommend taking along a hammock and a book. There are several nice places all along the shore line to set up for several hours.

Want to take this trip? We’ve done all of the recon for you. Download the trip plan and see more pictures from the trip.